when i have spend 2 hours obsessing and crying about a little thing, i feel like i really need to see someone, like a therapist/psychiatrist/ect.

when i explain the little things to the therapist/psychiatrist, i feel like i’m really just making a big deal of nothing and really shouldn’t be wasting mine and their time.

Thursday Oct 2 01:06am
Tuesday Sep 30 05:43pm

my upstairs neighbors do this really annoying constant banging thing for long periods of time during the day and they’ve done it since i moved in. i’m trying to listen to music loud enough to drown out the banging but not loud even to seem passive aggressive.

Tuesday Sep 30 01:53pm

it’s hot in my apartment and i’m just really upset about everything

Tuesday Aug 26 01:16pm

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Tuesday Aug 26 11:59am
found him… idk man.

found him… idk man.

Friday Aug 8 01:08pm

visiting the fluffs todayyyyyyy i don’t know where brother is but I’ll post a picture with him when I find him.

Friday Aug 8 01:03pm


Fact: Pansexuals are notoriously bad at baseball, due to the fact that they swing every way and are on all of the teams.

Monday Aug 4 05:19pm


Renee Nault

Monday Aug 4 05:19pm
Monday Aug 4 02:34pm
Monday Aug 4 02:33pm
Monday Aug 4 02:32pm
Monday Aug 4 02:31pm
Monday Aug 4 02:30pm
Monday Aug 4 02:29pm
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